Industrial Hygiene Consultant and Chemist: Consulting Services
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Pesce Lab Sales is pleased to announce a phase of our business to our permeation test cell customers, industrial Hygenists, protective clothing manufacturers, and academia. Norm Henry has retired and is now working with Pesce Lab Sales as a consultant in the field of protective clothing. Together, we see this opportunity as another service to our customers, keeping them updated on the most recent events and findings in virtually all aspects of protective clothing. Pesce Lab Sales and Norm Henry have been working together for over 30 years in design and consulting for the existing test cells and looking at newer versions for different types of testing. Below you will find a very impressive biography on Norm which, we feel, makes him one of the most qualified experts in his field. As always, we are ready to answer your questions, supply you with permeation test cells, or consult with you to help you realize your business objectives. We thank you, our existing customers, for your business and look forward to a continued relationship. As always, we welcome all prospective customers and would like to have you come aboard and see what we can do for you.


Professionally recognized and board certified industrial hygienist with over thirty seven years experience in industrial hygiene, environmental analytical methods development and personal protective equipment evaluations. Leader in developing protective clothing test methods, training programs, providing safety assessments and assistance in testing radiological, chemical and biological agents for personal protection. Have published over 40 technical papers, presented numerous professional development training courses, tested protective clothing materials and written safety articles on industrial hygiene. Instructor in chemistry and industrial hygiene at Delaware Technical Community College.

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